Strategies for trophy collecting?

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Like others, I've given myself the endgame challenge of collecting all available trophies. Other than needing to re-fight some of the bosses (time for a rematch, Bonemass, you motherfucker) I only have a handful left.

(Side note: I just finished farming the Fuling Berserker trophy, which is a lot of fun since it's basically the pure viking experience of riding a boat around looking for villages to raid.)

What I have left are:
* Stone Golem
* Wraith
* Draugr Elite
* Fenring
* Rancid Remains
* Serpent.

For half of these, no problem: wander around the ocean or sea and I'll find enough Fenrings/Golems/Serpents to get a drop.

Draugr elite, though, are a rare spawn in the swamp (as far as I can tell). Any tips on finding a higher concentration of them? I tried using a Draugr village's body piles but the Elite are still extremely rare there.

Similar for Rancid Remains which, as far as I can tell, only spawn in Burial Chambers and Skeleton Surprise events. Any tips on finding a steady supply of them? Do they spawn from bonepiles?

Wraith – any tips other than wandering the swamp at night?

Thanks for any tips/advice!


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