Suggestions for a Vulture build…and maybe a second/third choice…

So…I really want to like the Vulture. First go at it I hadn't yet unlock most engineers but I had enout to do fixed frags with Screening Shell. I had a Vette after engineering, then eventually settled for an Anaconda w/ fighter build. NPC has leveled up a tad faster than me so at this point 3 levels away from Elite (NPC same but higher % before next level) I wanted to put the NPC away and focus on my own ranking. Alternative idea was just finish making the NPC Elite and if my rank stops getting sapped after that then just keep using the NPC, if anyone has a suggestion for that as well, by all means let me know.

This time around, I do want an all-laser build so I don't have to worry about reloading at base, or wasting mats in the field. So my initial choice to keep the thermal/kinetic balance going was gimbaled Burst Lasers with Short-Range mod with Inertial Impact effect. I am a lazy shooter…while frags are fun I do want a "tad" easier time finishing the ranks. Hence the choice: SRB+Impact would mean (hopefully) that if I'm "that close" to target then the negative effects of jitter are minimized. Alternative wa maybe Efficiency + Inertial, but still fight up close. Third choice was Plasma Accelerator, Short Range + Plasma Slug…yeah means extra aiming work but love the idea that it'll take out my target way faster.

If not the Vulture then only other choice I was made familiar with was a Fed Assault Ship, Larges set to gimbal Burst Inertial then the mediums gimbal Pulse Efficiency, one set to Phasing Sequence, the other to Scramble Spectrum. Efficiency on all 4 because in addition to weapon-focus distributor means I won't lose power to weapons too quickly? At least that was the explanation. Seems to be agile enough for PA's…never had one though.

I do have a Thargoid hunting Krait MK2 that was hoping to leave intact to eventually take down an Interceptor, but if I had to refit that one, I wouldn't mind either. I do like that ship's agility so far.

Main goal is to not have to stop to reload and just keep going until I say fine I'm going to dock for the night.

So…any suggestions?


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