AA Tanks?

Every tank has cannons, and sometimes it can get a bit tiring to calculate with shell drop and slow firing speed. So I was thinking, why not add something new to the mix? Like…AA Tanks?

During World War 2, Anti-aircraft guns were very damaging towards the light tanks of the time, and weapons such as the Flak 38 took on AT duties too. It was natural that these be put on tanks too, as they proved to be heavily damaging toward anything except heavy tanks.

As for implementation, they will be at tier 3 or 4, as a medium-armored tank. The guns are fully automatic with almost no drop over range, and come with lots of ammunition with no need to reload. However, below-average damage and low pen means that these tanks are suited for a "mosquito" role, constantly harassing other tanks untul they are destroyed.

For now…

US: Skink AA

DEU: Wirbelwind

CZ: Nimrod 40M

UK: Crusader AA

Whaddya think?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/fyvzfc/aa_tanks/

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