Swift Blink – good or meme?

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I’ve been testing Swift blink recently and pretty much have 100% win rate with it on odd heroes like Juggernaut and Medusa.

On Jugg I’ve been going maelstrom, shard, Swift blink and it feels really good because you can pretty much assassinate anyone and get away easily – or spin onto the next target right away. It’s like mask of madness juggernaut without the downsides. This build is also really good with a refresher orb as your 6th item.

On Medusa I build it into huge team fight heroes like Void and Enigma. As long as you have another hero to play up front like your offlaner, you can actually blink in and completely nullify the enemy teams initiation and just wreck everyone. It also lets you outplay initiations on you which is nice if you have quick fingers. The movement speed and attack speed are always welcomed on a slow hero like Medusa and can be used offensively to chase, especially paired with an aghs.

Is this item actually legit or just a meme?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/necc6x/swift_blink_good_or_meme/

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