Team Fortress 2 inspired Among Us Roles (Part 5/9)

  1. Pyro. The one character who likes fire, and apparently can't take any afterburn damage. Loves to HADOUKEN people too.

Pros (Crewmate):
Exempt from any Electrical Tasks (because wires can still cause fires, and most kills happen there)
Moves faster with every time a task is finished (other crewmates' tasks don't affect Pyro's speed)
Moves faster during an "Oxygen" sabotage and "Reactor" Sabotage
[POLUS EXCLUSIVE] If an innocent Pyro is ejected into the volcano, crewmates may choose to revive Pyro (this is due to his fire resistance ability in the actual TF2), but at the cost of redoing some tasks for both players (Pyro and crewmate who revived)
Cannot be drugged by any Medic (because he has a mask)
Has a death scream that will ping other crewmates to the location of the murder. [DEATH SCREAM]

Pros (Impostor):
Faster activation and cooldown on "Oxygen" and "Reactor" Sabotages
Moves extremely fast during "Lights" Sabotage
Venting is faster by 3 seconds
[POLUS EXCLUSIVE] New Sabotage: Radiation (located at Laboratory). The Impostor wins if no one fixes it in 30 seconds. While this sabotage is active, all players, including impostors move slower. You move the amount of [X] radiation barrels (max limit is 6) into the core. Should it be fixed, players will still be slowed for another 5 seconds before returning to the game's set speed.

Cons (Crewmate):
Speed starts off slow
Vision is lower (again, the mask)
Visual tasks take longer to start

Cons (Impostor):
Crewmates will hear when an Impostor kills a Pyro
Kill cooldown is longer

Next post will cover Engineer


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