The current event should last longer than we expect and why I think it’s one of the best events IMO

I hope the current event related to the shortage of cloth lasts for 2 weeks at least, for some time I think this is the closest event that puts Tarkov near it's initial premise of a hardcore game instead of an armor fashion week.

The past weeks I've been playing like if it was Call Of Duty and I don't like it, I have no death penalty, no motivation to be cautious, if I die I just purchase all my meta gear again and the game instantly turns into a repetitive run and shoot.

If lasting longer, the event could impact the rich and the people that got tons of armor stored because right now I'm just buying my armor over and over like always and I don't think the initial premise of the game was to be this easy after some months into the wipe.
There is no challenge, no hardcore anymore.

Go fucking struggle with lvl 3 armor and be gratefull you got a lvl 5/6 after being nervous and killing a kitted pmc, I miss needing to do that


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