The moments where you feel you’ve been cheated upon, either by cheaters or by the game

I just exitted the game over a frustrating head-eyes moment; no sound of feet, just a black-gray blob rounded a corner and dead. Didn't have time to ADS and see my attacker with any clarity; my first thought was it was a scav. At the death screen, who cares if the player was EOD, I smashed that report button.

The game does a bad job of two things:

  • reassuring you that you have the tools to enter encounters with any confidence. The unreliability of your PMC's sense, regardless of headphones, stealthy movements, etc give a lie to the notion that the tools the game gives you work and are useful
  • reassuring you that the players you're going up against are abiding by the same rules you are

I wish I had a killcam. It wouldn't stop me from feeling frustrated, but if I could see that that PMC didn't have me ADS'd before rounding the corner, or if I could hear what he heard, that I was louder than I thought and my position was obvious, then I wouldn't have hit that 'report' button.

Other indicators of less-than-faithful gameplay by other players, I enter a room with six loot spots, but only one of which has been looted. I immediately assume the other five spots were "passed over" because the prior player could "see" what was in them and decided the loot was trash. I take the time, loot the other five, and sure enough, it's trash loot.

I long ago made peace that loading into a raid with meta weapons and armor was a fool's errand. Somehow, the frequency of my pvp encounters dropped dramatically when I began exclusively running the VPO or the VEPR. In the aforementioned pvp encounter, I had looted a GP Coin from a duffel bag. And forty seconds later, a gamer found me. What a coincidence.


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