The player base is no longer the same.

Those of you who have been here for a long time know what I mean, and it's quite sad. Those of you who are new to the game, this isn't an attack against you; more so an observation of how an influx of people who haven't watched this game grow have changed it for the "worse". So many different types of weaponry, so many calibers of ammunition, so many different kinds of helmets and yet all I ever seem to find people doing is hiding in a bush hoping to shoot their gun once. Or sit in a corner and hold mouse 1. I miss the days of fighting in dorms and taunting each other. I miss being called a god damn pussy by every USEC on the map. This isn't a complaint on how the game should change, more so an observation on where the new player base is taking it. You can tell when you find a player who's been around for a long time as they will team with you as a scav, they're willing to talk using voice comms. The game is a different experience when you come across someone who has been here a long time. Rant finished.


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