The Scoundrel needs to be changed.

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The new Syndicate legendary, the scoundrel is wildly OP. Being a 12 for 10 as well as being a spender is ridiculous. Cards that tall should never play for more points than their provisions by pure pointslam. (Like Old Speartip who plays 12 for 12) The only card I can think of that plays like this is Yghern but Yghern has a huge downside as he can be killed easily. The Scoundrel playing 12 for 10 is already overpowered, plus he’s a spender. FURTHERMORE, as if he wasn’t already OP enough, he gives vital information about what bronzes are in the opponents deck (and therefore which bronzes are likely in the opponents hand) while ALSO milling a card. People pointed out that he could screw up and play griffin or gaen ceann, but since the tribute is laughably low (2 coins) there isn’t any reason for anyone to take the chance by not paying it. Portal and Archespore are basically unplayable against him, as well as cards like Wild Hunt Rider, Sewer Raiders, and Casino Bouncers being much harder to pull off (to name a few). Recap is that The Scoundrel is a huge pointslam, big spender, gives info about opponents deck, mills opponent, and makes a bunch of cards unplayable. Seems pretty OP to me.


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