The “Sound” part of the Chad/Rat Split

Usually when player mention the Chad/Rat problem the sound part is never mentionned:
The noise you make in tarkov always fells like its either inaudible or extremely loud, even basic things.
big part of it are "audio devices" (idk how to call them) and sound that your pmc make.

If a player want to be sneaky he is forced to be VERY slow, and even small action like oppening inventory or changing firemode can be hear if your opponent has an Audio device.
And if you want to push or breach you can't do it efficiently without making a lot of noise.
(CQB IRL is all about the effect of surprise and speed, but you can only have one at a time in tarkov, wich is why "Chads" are sacrificing sound for speed)

Although most players usually play as a mix of chad and rat, you can't have a playstyle BETWEEN them, because you will have the disadvantages of both playstyles

what also makes me think that is long range maps like woods, where you don't reeaaaly have such a split in playstyle (because at such distances you can't hear your opponent)

A small exemple is when if you hear gunshots in a building 50m in front of you, but you won't be able to enter it fast enough to catch your opponent off guard, so either you rush and pray for him to be bad or do it slow and pray for him to take ages to loot

Let me know what you think and sry for bad English

Edit: insurgency sandstorm for exemple is almost the opposite, where you are fast and don't make a lot of sound


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