The Tar Pits and their consequences have been a disaster on the Fuling race

Walheim - five bosses

There were some players who claimed that the plains felt too empty before the addition of the pits. While I agree, I found that to be quite neat. If you ever lived near actual plains, it is a long patch of nothingness where a single house, road sign or tree becomes exponentially more interesting because of this very lack of objects.

With the addition of tar pits, the biome has certainly become more crowded however, I feel as if there are some issues with their implementation.
Let me begin with the positive, I saw three Lox getting attacked by the Growth going into the tar pits and dying. After clearing the growth and attempting to loot the dead Lox, I was prompted with "The object is stuck in tar". This I found to be quite nice, I have not seen such interaction before, it made sense, it was a "fun" mechanic to play around and it meant that you could not use the growth as your personal death squad.
As for the negative, the placement of growth is sometimes -for the lack of a better term- weird. I have came across four Fuling Villages today, all of them had a pit in aggro distance. They were so close that I did not understand at first why the villages were half destroyed and were lacking the usual berserkers and the shamans. Only after realising their distance to the pits I understood what happened. This made the villages easier to loot, but completely deprived me of the joy of actually raiding them. Put aside the "serious lore analysis" why would fulings, who are intelligent on most counts, make their villages near the pits, and so on. Their proximity to the villages turn the villages into dead loot zones.

Additionally, I do not think the growth are fun mobs. They chainslow you into death, so you either kite them around a rock or po pthe bonemass and try to go full in before your stamina ends. A lot of mobs in this game is "annoying". However they are often a fun kind of annoying, with several ways of dealing with them. Growth is what would be a "bullshit mob" in a JRPG.

Finally, there are three pits around my maps Yagluth altar. The boss fight has become more about making sure the growth are cleared out than the boss itself. I like all the stuff you can create with tar, and I enjoy some of their mechanics, but i just wish that such mobs would spawn less frequently and at further distances than other structures.

How do you feel about the Growth?


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