Thinking of a Mod

Chaotic Roles (Tasks:No,Kill:Yes)

Role 1 -Boss
Will put target on player for Executioner to kill in that round.
If Executioner is dead, Boss can now kill.

Role 2 -Executioner
Will have to kill the targets for the Boss, if fail to in that round, they die. (Don't know if they should have lives or not).
If Boss is dead, Executioner becomes Rogue.

Role 3 -Rogue
Normal imposter, but can only kill once per round.

Lawful Rolls (Tasks:Yes,Kill:Yes)

Role 4 -Hero
The Hero's role is to kill the Chaotic Roles.
If Hero kills any other role, They die.

Role 5 -Hexer
If Hexer is voted off, the Hexer can choose one player and they will die along with them.

Neutral Roles (Tasks:Yes,Kill:No)

Role 6 -Bodygaurd
The Bodygaurd's role is to protect an assigned player that is from the Lawful or Neutral roles.
If assigned player is killed before Bodygaurd, the Bodygaurd will die in their stead. This will not work if assigned player is voted off.

Role 7 -Fool
The Job of the Fool is simple, you get majority against you to be voted off. You win!

Role 8 -Investigator
The Investigator will learn on the third round the identity of one of the Crewmates.

Role 9 & 10 -Crewmates
Do Tasks, try not to die.

This inspiration is taken from the Mafia, Jester and Sheriff mods and alot from a game call Pinkamena. The original idea was to have every player have a unique role, but on a review, I found two of them didn't work because of them being over powered. I think this would be something fun to watch from streamed games, but what do you all think?


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