This season is… strange, I guess?

gerald witcher 3 gwent table

Alright, so I returned to Gwent a day after the card drop. I was absent for quite a while as I fell from Pro Rank to Rank 11. Today, I reached Rank 4 and then I looked at the season time remaining. 21 days. Is it just me, or is this season longer than usual? Keep in mind that I wasn't playing this game last December (was on a break at that time) so I do not know if the Season of the Wild Hunt is longer as a rule. But I, climbed 7 ranks using mainly SK self-wound and ST nature, and still got 3 weeks? And I do not think it's just me. I just had a game against someone who used the MO Bleed leader (I forgot its name) and they played just awfully. It looked like they started playing a week ago with how terrible their deck was and with the starter cards they used. And that was RANK 4! How did they climb? Did they use a netdeck and suddenly switched to the worst deck they could? If they used a netdeck, why did they stop using it? I refuse to believe this guy climbed so hard with such a bad deck. They had the bleed leader and used only 2 vampires! They had goddamn Idr in a non token deck!!!

What is going on right now?!


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