This wipes ammo changes traders and spawns, good or bad?

Ammo changes this wipe have been just strange to me, they have moved a ton of ammo around to different trader LL levels, m855a1 is now pk4 LL and you can only buy 120 per 2 hours max, m995 is gone? 6.3ap is gone, 7n31 is gone, spawns of BT and BS 5.45 is now gone – all you find is shittier ammo on reserve especially. If you do punisher series early on, you can get 7.62 BP and 5.45 BT purchased from prapor at prapor LL3

Literally whats that leave you with early-mid wipe? (assuming max traders would be late wipe)

Shotguns – magnum buck (no ap-20 since thats jaeger4 LL), KS-23?

P90/five-seven – SS190 is okaayish

MP7 – FMJ SX is PK3

VSS/VAL – all the ammo from this calibre slaps

.366 – AP ammo is great early

M80? – Could run hunter or fal

mosins/svd – viable

I've personally played a decent amount this wipe, I'm almost 40 for perspective. This wipe for me just seems odd, I don't want to run a shotgun or a sniper so that leaves me with MP7, P90, VAL, .366. 120 m855a1 ammo just isn't enough to have repeated runs, it literally lasts like 1-2 raids max. If you wanna run m4/hk you are forced into running suboptimal ammo even though your gun costs like 200k+, if you wanna buy 200 bullets of decent ammo that's literally another pretty fucking good m4 down the drain. P90 with ss190 is pretty trash since it cant pen T4 reliably which there are an abundance of potato sacks and t4 helmets around. .366 is decent ammo but the platforms are pretty dang trash, I rely on this quite often early since one tapping chest is just amazing. I'm gonna give the MP7 a go tomorrow, but I've been pigeonholed into spending a lot of money into just ammo most of my kit cost is now ammo. Very basic AK and just 5.45 bs/eagle neck just so I can actually survive pvp encounters, if I survive the loot I get covers ammo and then some but again when you are hunting for bosses doing quests your survival rate will drop, I'm at 53% after 260 raids so factoring that cost its not exactly profitable.

Its very weird that they have done this since newer players will have less of a fighting chance vs experienced players now since they get less tries at something before they run out of money, especially since they don't know how to generate money. It was a miserable experience using shitty ammo to try and get by, I just wanted to kill reshala for Jaeger LL4, I know I can kill him with dogshit ammo but the PVP scenarios just killed me inside.

I've also tried Leg meta ammo, quake maker isn't that bad but ofc it doesn't beat good old 6.3

What are your thoughts and experiences with the new changes?


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