Tips For Killing Wolves

New Valheim update

My clan and I are currently trying to farm pelts and wolf trophies needed for armor. For whatever reason I seem to be less able to block the wolves’ attacks than my clan mate.

My gear: wolf chest, troll hood, wolf pelt cape, padded legs, silver shield, and an iron mace

Clan mates gear: iron armor, iron grieves, serpent scale shield, iron helm, troll cape

Situation: a wolf was running down hill at my buddy and he was blocking taking almost zero damage. I run up and block, he steps back and the wolf lunges at him but oneshots me as he had walked behind me.

Ive also suffered a ton of one shots at the hands of wolves before. With similar gear. I was running a food stack of sausage deer stew and onion soup. So I’m assuming it was a difference in height, or potentially and error in my play style of smash then block.

Either way were going back tonight and I’m trying not to look like a fool. Any tips for melee against wolves?


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