Crypto buff idea

So idk about you guys but I definitely think crypto is a little underpower at the moment. He is really good but there is WAY to many ways to counter him and they are very easy so I thought of some things to maybe help crypto out 🙂

Passive: I think his passive is really good no needed changes here on my opinion.

Tactical: his drone is way to loud, the noise that it makes should be lowered down a bit and the humungus red aura around should be either removed or tone down.

Some people have suggested on giving the drone more health but honestly that wouldn't do much with things like an r-99 and is a drone after all so it makes senses that just one bullet can kill it.

Ultimate: so I had 2 idea

  1. one of them is that Cryptos drone can go on a immortal state while using his ultimate, but that also means that his ultimate would be almost impossible to counter.

2.Recently people found that if you drop your armor you won't take any damage, and that has really lowered the potential of Cryptos ultimate so I thought that the ultimate should make all armor in the area take 50 damage, even if it is on the ground or on a player.

So yeah that's it (first post so I'm sorry if I didn't do to good) have a good night fellas and hope you get some epic "you are the champion" tonight.


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