To Valheim develolpers – why do promote/advertise Valheim on youtube, when the game is far from finished and you sold huge amount of copies. For me this is distubring call.

Hello guys. Valheim is definitely my game of the year, and i really dont want to be negative here, but for now i am concenred about future of the development. Two months has passed, yet we have not heard about development except small and vague post on steam. Roadmap included but without specific dates, just 2021.

But what really troubled me when i saw Valheim commercial on youtube today. So, you sold much more copies than expected and you definitely got an AAA budjet now. But the fact that you try so sell even more copies of an early access game tells me that you are more concerned about selling than developing (probably for last million hire some outsource programmers).

I really want to be wrong about it, i like your game and spend 150 there, but i cannot ignore such disturbing events.

P.s. look i know this is business and it is ok making money. I am concerned only about progress. For many successfull games wich are still in early access development progress became really really slow, lets say 1/10 of budget goes to development. And unfortunately i see excactly same pattern here.


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  • Dacia Ragsdale 06.04.2021 in 12:56

    Hey There, ce fai maci ?

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