Toxicity in VoIP

I see a lot of people talking about tarkov VoIP and how people are going to be toxic and as a result are deciding pre-emptively to opt out of it; however I don't exactly see room to do that unless we get pre-raid lobby chat. The only time you'll hear another person in game is when you're near one another and that is an immediate combat situation so won't both parties will be focused on trying to kill each other rather than smack-talking?

I think the more likely/interesting thing we'll see with VoIP is people teaming up mid-raid when they have a shared quest, or people trading on the spot or trying to arrange parlays. Plus betrayals. A lot of those to be seen in the near future I suspect.

Edit: I guess my confusion in the pre-emptive wariness is I just can't see where two people will be exposed to one another for a long enough duration for someone to be toxic. Most fights I have are over in under a minute with either one party fleeing or dead, and I don't think they're adding death comms (I really hope they aren't) so I'm wondering what's the issue?


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