Try to see the positive aspect of the patch being delayed

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I know, for many people it must be rough waiting around only to see the next major update of their favorite game getting delayed again and again. Luckily for me, i have been playing mainly csgo for the last decade, thus i have no problem waiting a bit longer. I have to admit though im getting kinda restless waiting for 0.12 to drop.

Try to see this from BSG perspective. This patch will draw a huge amount of new players aswell as streamers to the game. They can't fuck this up. This patch will decide the future of this game and there are multiple reason that delaying the patch is the only right decision.

Try to get over your selfish desire for them to release the patch too early and unfinished with loads of bugs just because you can't wait anymore. We've waited so long, do these additional few weeks really matter that much after more than 300 days since the last major update? I hardly think so.

Let's cut to the chase. Why was delaying the patch the right decision made from BSG?

First of all, the game won't drown under the millions of people on twitch only watching CoD for the next couple of weeks. Remember, this patch should not be aimed solely to satisfy the existing playerbase rather than reaching out to thousands of new potential players and streamers. If the timing is right, this game will f*cking explode on twitch. As a result, the sales will skyrocket. This would open up a whole new set of possibilities for the future of this game and BSG. They could for example employ new developers or invest in expensive technology to help the game mature faster and better than it would have if this patch was a flop. If there are still gamebreaking bugs around it would only damage the games reputation and scare away new players and streamers. More than wanting to play this patch right now i'd like it to be a huge success for the sake of all of us.

I'm not trying to be a white knight and i know i'll be downvoted to oblivion. Thoughts?

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