Unpopular opinion; Scav cooldown timer should be increased in relation to your stash value

I understand that scavs are great to jump on and make some quick cash. No investment and you can play a little less conservatively knowing you’re really not invested in your gear.

I think they’re great for low level or new players that have the chance again to run with some gear when they’re getting low this however feels a little cheesy that you can scav in on a raid you’ve just died in.

My point also about the cool down timer on your scav should be related to your stash worth is simply an encouragement for players who have plenty of weapons and gear to use it, incentive to bring in loot I think is a good thing overall for the state of the game.

Reserve has highlighted this issue somewhat as often you’ll see barely any PMCs from my twenty or so raids in the new map but endless numbers of player scavs due to the relative ease that scavs can extract but more challenging options for PMCs.

Tldr; longer scav cooldown for wealthier players, incentivising bringing a PMC with loot and possibly disabling the ability to scav in on a raid you’ve just died in on your PMC

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dqr37y/unpopular_opinion_scav_cooldown_timer_should_be/

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