Unpopular Opinion: The amount of hate Odyssey gets is not Justified

In so much posts on this Subreddit are people who are writing stuff like "I wait till it's free, it's a mess" or "Don't buy Odyssey, it's unplayable" an stuff like that.

I pre-ordered Odyssey and had lots of fun. I played it a lot and grinded my full modded Tier 5 Maverick Suit.

I hope I don't get hate for this post because some of the people here are just "odyssey bad" and don't want to discuss it.

Yes the Performance was/is bad. FDev should've fixed that before release….
But: I have an GTX 1080 and an i7-7700k and on my 1440p 34" Monitor I got 40 FPS at release and now 55 in Stations. In Settlements isn't sometimes better, sometimes worse. My friend with a 1080p screen and same specs had 50 fps always. So I don't get how people think it's "unplayable" because of the performance. It's bad, yes, but you can have a lot of fun.

The "the amount of grind in Odyssey is outrageous" is an argument which is BS in my eyes.
Elite Dangerous is about grinding. You have to grind money for ships. You have to grind mats for engineering. You have to grind for rank.
If you buy a new ship and need Mats for engineering, you are going to grind the stuff(of you can't trade it with other mats). And so you have to grind odyssey mods.
Searching a settlement, loot it, fly away, return, loot etc.
It's not much different from Minerals farming or Davs Hope.
Let's say you want to grind up the Maverick suit. When you loot everything and you got it to t5 you will have a lot of mats for different stuff. I only had to specifically grind 3 or 4 of the rare mats for t5 suit, t5 shotgun. Both fully modded. The rest I got doing missions or just looting stuff.

Well, Multicrew was in the game a long time, but always lacked options to do stuff. Now with the possibility to just hop on a friend ship, you can do Missions together really nice. Jumping with 3 People on one ship, landing at an Anarchy settlement and just loot and clear the whole settlement is fun. Or giving air over with rockets while your friends loot. Or just let them Taxi you to your missions.
I like that and me and my friends hat a lot of fun.

Odyssey release was sort of crappy yes. But it's not so Bad that it's "unplayable".
Also, Odyssey got a lot of love from Fdev after release.

I sometimes have the feeling a lot of the people here, who tell other guys to not buy it, didn't checked since the Alpha. And like the Cyberpunk release just hate it because the internet says so.
(Yes I played cyberpunk and enjoyed it 2 Playthroughs. I got 3 Bugs in total which where not gamebreaking)

If you think that I am Wrong, please state why. I would love to discuss it!

Fly (and Walk ) save Cmdrs! O7

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