Various Players Found In STW Lobbies (Inspired by a post u/epicslayer365)

So, everyone who has played STW will notice various patterns with players they meet. I'm taking it upon myself, with inspiration from u/epicslayer365 to try and coin terms for every type of player you can encounter in Save The World. Hell, you may recognize some of these traits in yourself.

With that, roll post!

The Rookie: The Rookie is a fresh install who is likely running their Rescue Trooper Ramirez they got from The Tutorial. These players are incredibly rare even in Stonewood. That being said, always help rookies if you see on in Stonewood. Who knows? They could be the next great STW Content Creator. Probably not.

The Regular Player: This guy knows what's up and has decent game sense. Probably doesn't run """THE META""" but don't count them out entirely. These guys are likely in Plankerton or Canny trying to work their way to Twine.

The Professional With Standards: A Regular in Endgame Twine Zones. This guy knows many things about the game and may even be willing to teach fresh Twine-ites the ropes of surviving 120+ Twine. Just don't expect them to carry. Don't expect free Godrolls. Don't expect them to put up with you not using push to talk and eating your mic. DO expect them to have one of the harder challenge banners or endurance banners.

The Bro: A really good player who likes to help their team. Like, it's hard to make them angry and they always like to hand out a spare weapon for people who need them. They understand STW is a Co-Op game and the objective is more fun with teamwork.

The Elite Warrior: This guy is running a well-thought out Soldier/Ninja/Outlander DPS Build. Expect it to be an ability build of some kind. This guy lives to play STW like an arena shooter and loves high damage numbers and being in the middle of a fight. This guy likes """META""" weapons but is at a point where they might not need them.

The Kid With A Gun: This guy is a kid who thinks they can carry because some guy gave them a """META""" weapon of some kind. The problem is that they have no idea how to make a DPS build to get the most out of these weapons. Think Lynxes Running Xenon Bows or De-Atomizers without ever using Kunai Storm.

The Clutch-Structor: A BASE Constructor who shows up and is usually the only reason your team can win a hard defense-centered mission. These guys show up to lobbies full of Arch-Jesses and Lynxes and tell themselves: "These people need me." They're probably running Electro-Pulse Penny and Thunder Thora because they don't count on getting the lobbies they're willing to clutch for to understand Jailing.

The Warden: A Jail-Builder who doesn't have time for people who don't understand Jails or Stall Builds. These are exceptionally rare in Public Lobbies. Expect them to rage-quit if you try killing during their EZ jail attempt.

The Recycler: A Constructor running The Recycling Team Perk. These guys can be kind of miserly, so please don't take mats from their BASE especially if you haven't built anything for the defense. There's a lot of crossover with The Clutch-Structor with them, so if you like winning, remember they will gladly rage quit if you test them.

The Tower Defender: Looks like a Trap Spammer, but has enough game sense to be able to get the most DPS out of certain kinds of traps. Stuff like putting Ceiling Drop Traps above hills, placing Broadsides facing walls, Using Launchers to make "time out" zones, etc. They LOVE playing STW like a Tower Defense game and as a result love trap tunneling.

The Trap Spammer: You how "The Kid With A Gun" is just simply a worse/less helpful version of "The Elite Warrior?" Apply that same logic when comparing Trap Spammers to Tower Defenders. They just place random traps everywhere and hope it works. To be fair, more traps CAN mean more DPS, but it's really not resource efficient. If you're willing to put up with the spam, it can be worth it to stick with them.

The Businessman: A mostly legitimate tradesman. Like, you will see a lot of scammers but these guys can be a breath of fresh air to find. They wish there was some official support for STW trading like there is for various Steam-based games. But hey, be wary because they might be a Scammer in disguise. Though Scammers are typically less subtle.

The Scammer: An obnoxious wannabe. They typically hang out in Stonewood, shirk the objective, box random people in, and scream: "WANNA TRADE" at the top of their lungs through really bad mics. Avoid at all costs. Mute them if you REALLY wanna try your hand at a mission they occupy. Your sanity will thank you.

The Ghost: This guy is essentially running around the map, but no one knows what they're trying to accomplish. They will show up when the objective is going, but if it's a "free roam" mission like "Eliminate and Collect," "Build The Radar Grid," or "Rescue The Survivors," you might not ever see them unless you track them down yourself.

The Guardian Angel: This guy probably doesn't have the banner this player type is named after. Despite (or more likely because of) this, these guys make it their mission to rescue survivors if they meet them. Doesn't matter if that's not the mission, they will gladly drop everything if a survivor needs their help.

The Wannabe OG: This guy runs Commando Spitfire or Shrapnel Headhunter without a skin equipped so they can LARP as "WeNeGaDe WaIdOr" or "AwIeOl AsSoLt TwOoPeR" these guys are pretty rare in spite of this.

The Medic: Runs plenty of Regen Heroes like Survivalist Jonesy or Tricera Ops Ramirez to keep themselves alive so they can use Adrenaline Rush and Campfires to keep teammates alive.

The Meatshield: Similar to The Elite Warrior, but runs Blast From The Past for absurd amounts of tankiness. They love feeling like a big ball of meat that's too tough for The Husks to rip up.

The Arch-Jess/The Lynx: Common players. The Arch-Jesses don't recognize that Arch-Jess isn't the best farming hero anymore. The Lynxes don't recognize that just because Lynx is great in The Mythic Storm King Fight, that that doesn't mean she's a god-tier hero all around. With that in mind, there are likely people who run either hero just to be annoying, so it's hard to tell if they're ignorant or are trying to be annoying.

The Wannabe Comp Player: Does nothing but practice his 90's apparently unaware that Creative would be a much better place to do that. See, STW uses much older versions of The Fortnite Game Engine which means bugs that had to be patched in BR like Double Pumping or being able to aim while falling still exist. That, and Husks are immune to sweat tactics 90% of the time.


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