wangid2021:A letter to the Gwent community and CD Projekt RED,

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I contacted CDPR early this week. I didn’t want to bring more pressure to CDPR so I chose not to publish my appeal. However, as CDPR hasn’t replied for two work days, I decided to reveal my side of the incident to the community, not only to share the truth and feeling I experienced, but also for my reputation and integrity.

To emphasize, I want to defend my prestige. I don’t want people to attack any party blindly, including CDPR. Here is my appeal:

To the Gwent community and whom it may concern at CD Projekt RED,

My name is Ni Lipao. I’ve been known as Wangid2021 to the Gwent community. Today I wish to make an appeal to the decision made by GWENT Masters authorities regarding the competitive ruling released last Friday.

First of all, I wish to make clear that my streaming on HUYA TV has nothing to do with creating potential cheating opportunities. I’ve been streaming Gwent since the beta version four years ago, and since then has it become a part of my life. I enjoyed the lifestyle Gwent had brought me and inspired many to follow. Almost all of the games I have played in 2021 were on streaming, possibly including those I’ve been accused of cheating for. It is unfair and hurtful to assume that there’s a connection between streaming and cheating, especially for someone like me who takes streaming as a full-time job and leaves all the “evidence” on the internet.

Second, I did notice some “abnormal” games including forfeits while streaming at the end of the season Dryad. But, throughout the entire season, it happened so rarely that I don’t believe I need to bother to remember the IDs, contact questionable players, or report such incidents to GWENT Masters authorities. I have no idea how the number 3.7% is calculated. And suppose it’s calculated with evidence, that’s 25 games in total, less than 4 games in a hundred, which are judged as “abnormal”. On average, it happened once every 6-7 hours of gaming. As a professional streaming player of Gwent for four years, I find it hard to believe that anyone would risk his integrity to get an advantage from these few games. Moreover, since CDPR blocked players’ IDs during pro-ladder games, no one knows the player’s identity before the end of a game. If I am to be accused of cheating, I would like to know the method of my so-called crime.

Third, my total MMR at the end of season Dryad is 10805, including the 9600 base MMR. I have gained 1205 points through 675 games on pro-ladder. If indeed 3.7% of my games are problematic, I am willing to have the corresponding MMR deducted for fairness to other competitive players. But that should be 125-150 points instead of 400. I can’t really understand how the amount 400 is reasonably calculated, and I find it harder to believe that the proposed deduction reduced my crown points to 240, just 2-4 points below the invitation bar to World Masters S3. Again, I accept the deduction of crown points that should not belong to me, but I believe I’ve been excessively punished since I didn’t plan the problematic games or collude with anyone.

Fourth, according to the competitive ruling, I am accused of “didn’t reveal this situation to GWENT Masters authorities”. I am astonished that NO ONE at GWENT Masters authorities or CDPR ever contacted me for detail regarding this incident or ask me for an investigation. And now I am accused of failing to communicate. It was a humiliation for me and all who cares about this incident.

On the record, I have great respect for the action of protecting the integrity of the game. And I wish CDPR would continue to do so on the basis of providing solid evidence. I am been accused of “colluding with others, taking action intended to alter or interfere with the results of any part of the GWENT Masters”. But there is no “others” convicted. There is no confirmed cheating method. There is no tenable motive. And there is no chance for me to explain and defend myself at all.

Speculation is never solid to accuse anyone. To sentence someone, evidence should be provided. I would be labeled as a “dishonest player” for the rest of my life at the Gwent community in front of my followers and friends for a “crime” without evidence that I never commit intentionally. This hurts me more than any punishment regarding my competitive ranking. History has witnessed people deciding others’ fates without justification. Such things happened both in Poland and China.

I write today not only to argue for the truth but also to express my sincere gratitude to those who share my feelings of disappointment and indignation. I shall continue my enthusiasm towards my followers and the game of Gwent, but not as a cheater.


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