Weapons that wholly or partially bypass shields

I am trying to compile a list, when the shields can be bypassed or ignored, please help:

  1. hatch breaker limpets,
  2. Containment Missile, aka Rocket propelled FSD Disrupter aka Grom Bomb (allegiance, Yuri Grom)
  3. FSD Interrupt experimental effect for Missile Rack, dumbfire, tests and measurements, discussion,
  4. Plasma Accelerator (ignores 60% of shield resistances, also hull, armoured bulkheads and completely the hardness)

edit: added:

  • Phasing sequence experimental effect, it can be applied to pulse lasers, burst lasers and plasma accelerators. It makes a small portion of damage bypass the shield and directly damage the hull.
  • Remote release flechette launcher: a miserable attempt at shield tank balancing: it bypasses shields entirely and damages modules directly.
  • Reverb cascade experimental effect: applies to mines and torpedos. It bypasses the shield and directly damages the target's shield generator.

ty Seria_Mau_G

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/lkh0pc/weapons_that_wholly_or_partially_bypass_shields/

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