Weapons whats your favourites?

Hey everyone so my question to everyone is what is your favourite weapon in stw ? this can include anything as ridiculous as it may or may not be

For me personally i have a top 3

1, six shooter pistol i cant explain why it just feel satisfying although i kinda wish it was a tiny bit stronger but eh aint gonna be ungrateful!

2, Cutlass/ pirate sword (forgot its name something along the lines of the cusiage?) Love it alot i kinda wish it had like idk a ghost themed attack but personally i think the detail on it is amayzing

3,the ghost pistol and for 2 reasons 1 it goes through everything like well a ghost! (Although a tiny complaint is when i in advertanly miss a shot and it upsets eveey husk for miles around can cause a issure lol) 2 it looks cool as hell!

Whats your thoughts ? It does not need to good in actual gameplay so you can choose a fire cracker if you want!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/puvhll/weapons_whats_your_favourites/

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