What are some of the dumbest moves YOU’VE done?

I asked about a week ago what are some of the more rookie moves you've seen done in public games. But fair is fair. But are some of the noobest moves you have done. Could be either as imposter or crewmate. But obviously, more likely as imposter. And I don't mean simply killing or venting just as someone was coming around a corner. I mean ones that could have easily been preventable. Because let's face it, everyone is going to get caught killing or venting at some point.

I've tapped the vent button rather than Report or Use, usually in decontamination in Mira. Pretty sure I've even tapped the kill button when trying to open the door as well.

I even kill someone when trying to fix an O2 sabotage. But I got away with that even though someone came up on me before I could do anything. I convinced them that I had the O2 panel open and didn't notice the kill. I even totally bluffed and said that someone who had died earlier had reported seeing me scan. Going back to the noobest thing in public games, absolutely no one questioned that bluff. Because no one remembers anything in many public games. (I can't tell you how many times I have killed or been killed in a remote room, like say Mira cafeteria, had me or the guy who killed me run past someone in the hallway just before the body, and after reporting it, they don't even mention that they saw me run past. Or they say 'Someone ran past me, but I don't remember the color. They apparently don't realize that paying attention is the main part of the game!)

Anyway, luckily, when I accidentally killed during the O2 sabotage, it was close to end game so I just needed to survive one more round before we won.

Also one of the dumbest things just in general was not realizing until very recently that asteroids was not a visual task in Mira. Even stranger was that no one called me on it until recently. I even had people clear me when I did it in front of them. Don't know if they just saw the taskbar go up or just assumed since I was standing still on the balcony that I was telling the truth.

As for my best move as an imposter? It was distracting everyone after getting caught red handed long enough that all but one forgot to vote, so my Skip cancelled it out, and winning on the next round. I can't do that on my phone. No way I type fast enough. But when I am playing on Bluestacks, I go into story mode. Especially if the host has gone with rather annoying settings like the one who had 15 second voting period. Basically making it a guessing game than a game of skill. (I usually leave the lobby on those.) I forget how quick it was in the game I did this successful. Definitely under a minute combined for discussion and voting. It worked that one time. Never again…yet. But I keep trying if I get caught.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/kf3myb/what_are_some_of_the_dumbest_moves_youve_done/

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