What constitutes a “minimum” performance?

Been playing through the tutorial. Was skeptical about the whole on-foot experience while I was watching the alpha, but once I got in-game and was able to run around I was quick to realise that Odyssey was going to be a FANTASTIC experience.

Unfortunately, the game is blocky and awful looking, and we all know we play Elite for the visuals. My specs hover around the recommended requirements for the game, but I am supposedly above the minimum requirements.

FDev, I'd really argue that this kinda look isn't playable, let alone minimum. Anyone else working with decent but not incredible hardware that's having the same issue? I'll be waiting for a (hopefully prompt) fix to this, but is anyone out there who can commiserate? Need to know that this isn't a 'you have terrible C/GPU so you're out in the cold' issue.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/ngja0f/what_constitutes_a_minimum_performance/

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