What if 0.12 is actually GTA V

Maybe unconventional idea, but I’ve been wondering if anyone has thought the same.

We port to a new engine. Add massive multiplayer online features to compliment the RPG style of Tarkov.

You spawn into an online base server like GTA V Online. NPCs exist in a similar way. Prapor, Therapist, Ragman, etc all hang around their regions of the base server. Like how Lester does in GTA V.

The base server restricts all pvp and pve activity. You CANNOT kill anyone and take their loot here. It’s a friendly zone where you can idle, mess around with others, test out things. It acts like the current home screen menu.


The base server restricts all pvp and pve activity. You CAN kill anyone and take their loot minus secure containers. However, the more players you kill in the base server, the more notoriety you acquire. In accordance to notoriety level, you become targeted by all players in return for a reward. If you rack up suck high of a notoriety level, NPCs send AI units to try to take you down as you are now impeding their activity and competing as their rival.


You have to explore the massive base server (fixed map) and actually find the NPCs before you can access NPC activities – quests, trading, whatever else. This would replace the current method of interacting with NPCs through a home screen menu.

Your generic map will reveal regions as you explore them. The reveals are permanent, but you cannot use the map to use GPS navigation. Map functionality will remain relatively the same as it is in Tarkov now to keep it hardcore.

There are dark zones that are relational to the base server. So let’s say the base server is Moscow. You want to go to Interchange which is located in the city next door. You must travel to the dark zone in Moscow, which will transport/load you into Interchange.

Basically, once you load in to Tarkov, you stay loaded in. There are safety zones, maybe like the hideouts they suggested. You remain playing as your character rather than a god managing your character.

So – maybe this time, our prolonged wait for updates and patches is a good thing. MAAAAYYYBEE Nikita is hinting that once 0.12 rolls out, the Tarkov we are familiar with will be gone. We should enjoy Tarkov and the raids as it is before we go to GTA V ;)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dj9d0b/what_if_012_is_actually_gta_v/

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