What if there was a new class of cargo ship that was so large, it couldn’t fit through an airlock.

The ship I have proposed would have a cargo capacity of around 5000, and a single large size landing pad for a single ship for you to use as a shuttle between the cargo in question to any hub that you are parked next to. The point of it is to be sort of a steppingstone to a fleet carrier. Mainly because the progressive jump from 200 million to 5 billion is pretty excessive. In my eyes, a reasonable price or it would be somewhere around the 750 Million range. Like the type 9, its main dedicated purpose would be to haul cargo. It will always appear on the map like a fleet carrier, although you wouldn’t be able to interact with it if you weren’t the owner of it. I was also thinking that it could potentially have a hybrid source of fuel. It could run on hydrogen fuel like any other ship would, and could also run on tritium to make very large jumps. It would have a max jump range using tritium of about 150 light years, and could also have the ability to fuel scoop normal hydrogen fuel from nearby stars. Much like the type 9, it’s purpose is pretty boring. Just hauling cargo from one place to another, but that’s what it specializes in.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/kol5bs/what_if_there_was_a_new_class_of_cargo_ship_that/

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