What the hell

So get this yeah did 2 scav runs today on both had good weapons like on was a full auto ak don't remeber the name well anyway and a mosin on the 2nd and so ij the first run i killed a scav with good gear knicked his stuff went to extract there were like 5 mins left on factory mind you while heading i started getting shot by another player scav and he shot more the 30 bullets hits meband kills me in the end screen it says i did 300 dmg with 6 hits there were 7 in total but that is counted for the first acav i killed with one shot anyway waited like 20 mins doing something else in the mean time and then i decided to got scav again this was the mosin scav spawned in late like 9 mins left went to office was looted decided to go to the left stair case towards the so well known exit for camping but as i was heading mid way through going down the stairs met another player scav and i shot him 3 times in total dealing 290 dmg all three shots were on the thorax as he hit me 3 to 4 times i retreated in the office and i peacked to try and shoot him and i did hit him for the fourth time and he still did not go down and managed to kill me.

now explain this to me how in the holy high hell so you take 4 bullets in the chest and still be alive like i thought this was supposed to be a realistic shooter not fucking cs go with better graphics and other mechanics if i wrote some words wrong i am sorry but english is my seconds language and this is more of a rant mainly because i am sick of puttin loads of bullets in people just for them to one shot me and then the game to laugh in my face saying i did damage that should have killed him and yet im starring at the death screen while he walks off with my loot like what the hell

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