What’s you current go-to loadout? (Just curious about the meta)

I'm in the low 30's and don't have max traders yet, so I'm (kind of) careful with spending. I'm usually looking for good deals on things, and lately I've been favoring the AK-103 with BP ammo. More specifically:

Head: Highcomm ACHHC (cheaper than ulach)

Ears: whatever

Face: Either shemagh from Ragman 3

Eyes: Anti-frag goggles

Chest: Tactec, FORT Redut-M or IOTV High Mobility

Rig: Direct Action Thunderbolt (lightest 16 slot rig)

Primary: AK-103, 7.62×39 BP

Back: M870 shotgun (sawed off barrel, lightest build), Flechette

Sidearm: None (using the shotgun in it's place)

The m870 is probably the jankiest part of the build, but I've been killing people left and right with it. It's almost always a 1 or 2 shot if the AK-103 runs out of ammo – and it's typically a quicker swap than reloading (I think).

What have you guys been using?

Backpack: Tri-Zip

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/mmb8ga/whats_you_current_goto_loadout_just_curious_about/

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