What’s your worst dota2 griefer story?

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Today my position 5 witch doctor, who died in a first blood to enemy at runes. He kept pinging me who was at my safelane tower the whole time because I have a brain and don't want to lose all my precious lane regen and a tp for a chance at first blood or 40 gold rune.

He then proceeds to contest last hits by auto attacking every creep and push the lane forward. I asked politely twice to stop, to which his reply was "you play ur game and I will play mine."

I went on to get rampage and 80% kill participation that game but we still lost and he proceeds to flame other lanes for the loss.

I don't normally care about the loss as long as we as a team try hard to do our best and other lanes sure tried hard even though they lost their lane bad.

If I can, I want to understand what makes people do such things or talk shit. The fact that I have to face these kind of people every 3/10 games is so frustrating.

P.S: not my worst story but on top of my mind.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/ow0w7b/whats_your_worst_dota2_griefer_story/

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