Where do you guys go to find fun builds?

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Been inactive for Dota for a while due to Uni, work and real life ect.


I love to play the odd meme build (i.e. QoP supp, CK supp, No-Battle Fury/Manta Offlane AM ect) since Erik Wright is no longer around to throw in a spicy fun new meme build, and I haven't kept up with /r/TrueDota2 which often has fun builds posted on occasion where's a good place for ideas?

Post was inspired by me seeing Riki w Spirit vessel + Dart is dope, and also me reading through the insane item called Aghnams Shard which is bewildering to me lmao.

Channels or subreddits or threads of ideas anyone?

disclaimer: for unranked cause i dont want to ruin my behavior score lmao

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/owmewz/where_do_you_guys_go_to_find_fun_builds/

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