Who thought the “star” rounds were a good idea

Ok so I lost to that shotgun round let's say atleast 70k Rubels (I am level 8, that'smuch money to me), to that (atleast for me) infuriating round. Not only are the players I get killed by unarmoured and without a backpack but it also seems as if you can shoot it from 30 meters away and still get the enemy to be completley blind.
At the moment I am very not ok because even when I wear sunglasses or have my riot helmet on and the darkend visor down, I get flashed for what seems an eternety.
It just seems that the Zarya grenades are…I dunno how to say it but they feel weaker than the round.

Then again, I am only lvl 8 so my take on those rounds is that they either need patching, or need to get removed, made more expensive or have a chance to damage your gun or yourself, but hey, maybe more experienced players might have a tip for me or have a complete different opinion on them.

PS: Only encountered them in Factory and Customs, so maybe not play these maps anymore? Idk I just get so frustrated when someone runs up to me flashes me twice for what feels like 30secs and then kills me with a knife.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/nm7wnk/who_thought_the_star_rounds_were_a_good_idea/

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