How would you buff the IS-3?

Now, more than ever, the IS-3 is irrelevant. With tanks like the Defender taking over it’s brawling role and the new VK premium having better gun handling with a larger gun, it needs some love. I know, usually German tanks get affected by power creep more, but the IS-3 really does suffer in the hands of an average player in the current meta. While good players can and do make it work, it is a shadow of its former self.

So, this is how I would buff it:

1.) Improve the gun. This includes:
—a slight dispersion buff (.37 with a 100% crew)
—a significant aim time buff (to high 2.7s to low 2.8s sec with a GLD)
—a decent DpM buff of +100.

2.) Buff the armor SLIGHTLY. This includes:
—buffing the UPPER PLATES to the effectiveness of the T-10. This is only meant to keep the upper hull from being auto-penned. No tier 8 hull should be auto-penned for a tank of this role. No changes would affect its lower plate, as it is fine as is.

3.) Buff the top speed to 43-44 kph. The engine horsepower is fine, but it should be able to push aggressively easier.

Conceptually, the IS-3 should be closer in playstyle to the T-10 than the Obj. 257. and the IS at tier 7. This should be represented in the gun handling and speed in particular.

What are your thoughts?

Edit: I know other tier 8s need love too. The Tiger II, KV-4 and a whole host of others are trash. I just wanted something different to talk about.


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