BUG, what is this? Sensitivity while transitioning to snipermode from arcade dumps 10times after 1 second

Heya wonderful reddit people!

I've run into an issue that i cannot google my way around, so i felt i could ask the community via reddit aswell as make a ticket to WoT themselves about it. If possible view the video and any ideas of what it could be will be welcome. I've tried alot and will try and note it all beneath here in the post. Thanks in advance for your time!

So, the issue is that when i play games it's a decent chance this will happen, its not every battle or every tank, which makes it harder to identify why.. In the video above i use the same momentum while transitioning between arcadeaim and sniper aim. And as you see roughly a second after i've gone into snipermode the sensitivity changes drastically. making it really hard to aim (Yes… i made the vid with a Type4, but it's not the derpgun ok?)

(I accidentaly recorded my mate while recording aswell, he has such a bass-like voice no?)

Unsure if it's worth mentioning but i'm on EU.

Things i've tested

  • Remove all addons and run it with no addons
  • Clean install of the game
  • Change settings ingame involving FOV, sensitivity sliders, sniper options

Things i havent tested yet

  • Try another monitor, as i run 3440x1440p ultra on everything
  • run the game in safe-mode

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/ed7p9b/bug_what_is_this_sensitivity_while_transitioning/

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