why is grinding iron such choredom?

ESPECIALLY when entering black iron age?

after killing bonemass the player should have mastered the swamp well enough that its never going to be a problem, and yet you HAVE to constantly come back to the swamps to find sunken crypts…

the fact that muddy scrap piles have a LOW CHANCE to drop scrap iron (in adition to trash btw), and the fact that there isnt a better pickaxe than iron makes it such a boring chore to BE in the black iron age

instead of raiding fuelings, killing lox herds and such, i am stuck in the swamp, it is neither a challenge, nor is it fullfilling gameplay

URGH, id rather get 1 shot by a 2 star fueling than go to the swamp to get A CHANCE OF SCRAP IRON…. and yet i have to do it regardless

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/nuftfw/why_is_grinding_iron_such_choredom/

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