Why is it so hard for BSG to fix the spawning?

Sometimes it feels fine, i'm not saying the game is always unplayable, but why do I spawn right next to 4 man squads or just players in general?

On customs if you spawn on the hill behind new gas station, you have a player on your right and a player on your left, so you are just forced to play a deathmatch arena instantly after spawning in?

I can go queue up for a CSGO deathmatch and find less players than on that shit hill spawn.

And it's not only on customs, any map and any spawn you can probably see a player instantly after spawning in and people just camp right after spawning in, so if you try to walk anywhere you just get shot instantly no matter if you try to hug a wall and play it safe or run straight through the middle.

If you spawn in boiler side, there is a player in the warehouse on your left and a player that spawned on the hill next to the sniper tower at military checkpoint, so no matter which way you want to go, there is a player holding one of the chokepoints.

I felt like this was almost never the case last patch as the game was dead af, but i think they should really do something with the spawns on all maps since it's an obvious problem now that the game has a larger active playerbase.

This even happened when i tried to scav into customs… a lot of times i will just spawn next to the ZB 1011 or 1012 extractions and when i look around the corner there is literally a 3 or 4 man squad looking at me.

I would really like to know what others think about this, but personally i feel like the maps are big enough and have enough spots for people to spawn in for me not to be forced to fight the first 10 seconds of a raid. I'm not even that good at PVP yet, but i feel like majority of my deaths are pointless and i just die to people taking advantage of my shit spawn.
And yeah, surely if i go in with a kit worth a million roubles i can fight 1v2 right after spawning… I will totally do that yea…

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/e8gqvw/why_is_it_so_hard_for_bsg_to_fix_the_spawning/

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