Why Secure container change would be a good change – why Tarkov being “hardcore” is good for everyone, a essay from yours truly.

Considering that other threads are flooded with comments and adding another one would just make it drown within all of the other messages, i decided that my own post would better present my argument.

I am not a streamer, i have a full time job, i have around 27% survival rate and i support the container change that was proposed with prewipe event. Please don't downvote me for my opinion, i am open for discussion in comments if you disagree.

I'd like to present some of my arguments and debunk some arguments . Lets start with those

This change will encourage even more hatchlings

I disagree. Current hatchling meta is to run to a loot room, grab everything valuable then disconnect. With the secure container change, it won't be possible. Hatchlings will have to bring backpacks and extract with loot, making them essentialy loot goblins.

This change will kill the casual player

I disagree. Hideout update added a purpose for ton of items, such as wires, hoses etc. It is very easy to acquire great loot without going to the meta top loot hotspots. Even with low extract rates, one raid can pay for many subsequent ones. Also, casual players mostly dont spend money on EoD edition, the spoils in their container would only mitigate a small bit of what they lose in gear.

I paid for gamma and it will make it worthless, i want a refund.

This is a actual quote i saw on this sub. You paid to support BSG and test the game with some in-game advantages, future DLC, a game-breaking OP MBSS backpack and a crown near name. Everything in game is object to change, deal with it. You still can bring surgical kits, painkillers, alusplints and you will never run out of them in-raid, unlike standard players who face tough choices with their limited slots.

It will incentivize exit camping

Exit camping is incentivized as is right now. You wait for potentially easy kill on injured, tired, unaware player full of loot. So why is it relatively rare? Because its fucking boring. And it doesn't pay that well, considering time = money. You could complete the raid, sort inventory, sell stuff on flea market and it would still be more engaging than just camping the extract in hopes of a free lootbag.

Alright, now lets get on with pros

It will make the game more exciting, with more risk/reward factor

Imagine you find a rare key or quest item as a scav. You cannot stuff it up your ass, you have to extract. Do you keep looting or do you run for nearest exit? Sure you can stay around and be even more rich if you extract, but you are risking that juicy item. Do you sneak through, or do you sprint as fast as possible?

Now imagine that every raid, PMC or Scav will be like that with this change. It ain't that scary now is it?

It will make PvP more rewarding

People like nice loot, and will stuff it into gamma into first possible occasion. With the change, they cannot. That juicy stuff now drops just like rest of their gear, and its all for you if you manage to kill them. Actively hunting players and riskier playstyles get more reward if they are successful, and good players should be rewarded for their effort.

It will end the hatchling problem.

Have you tried going for the RB-AK room (aka that one room pestily has shown that you can access without key) on reserve? Have you seen Techlight recently? Seen anything suspicious? Because i have seen a supsicious number of dead naked pmcs. And alive pmcs with hatchets. Imagine if they had to extract with loot, unable to stick those tetrizes up their ass and just quit? Imagine if getting top-tier loot took effort. Fixing it is really easy, Nikita. Do it.

Game will become more hardcore.

This one is probably a con for some players here. I am sorry, but Tarkov is advertised as a hardcore game, it will become more hardcore and it is the developers vision that it needs to be more hardcore. Nikita wants this change, he really does. Lets let him do it for next wipe. Lets test it out and lets see how it'll go. If its bad, it can always be reverted. It is a beta after all. Lets give BSG some room to experiment with the game. Passion projects should never be held back.

I hope i brought some light on why this change is even being proposed, thanks for coming to my TED talk.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dz887b/why_secure_container_change_would_be_a_good/

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