Wood arrows for the win.

I read couple of posts, one with a complaint about the arrows (which I agree with) and one where guy would take silver with him on a longboat to another world to use on arrows..

Silver arrows? Really?

I use the bow as my main weapon. So I spend a lot of arrows. Using anything else than wood arrows seems too much work for the benefit they give.

Metal arrows especially. First you dig the ore and haul it to your smelters. Then you fall the trees for both coal and the shafts. Then you smelt the ore and finally you hunt birds for feathers.

That's a lot of time and effort for arrows that are spent in couple of minutes at enemies that go down just fine with wooden arrows. And enemies like loxes I just have to spend a little more time and arrows to get down. And I do like shooting my bow more than I like making those arrows.

I'm not raiding fuling villages yet, but when I'm going there I'm going with frost or needle arrows. The most annoying resource for those arrows to get are the feathers. Trees and obsidian are easy and plenfiful and silver glands are a byproduct of silver/obsidian mining and needles are the byproduct of entering the plains.

Maybe if we could recover (some of the) used arrows (or maybe just the tips (aka the part that requires a finite resource that is hard/time consuming to obtain and would be less likely to break on impact) and/or the resources would yield more arrows per craft. Even raising chickens for feathers would make other arrows more feasible.

I'd like to be able to use all those fancy arrows and one shot trolls. But I feel the reward isn't worth the price.

Armors and weapons are mine to keep (at least until a fuling accident). So I can justify spending the time to get the metal for them. Arrows currently are disposable. I don't like losing something that required a lot of effort to get (on something that doesn't give an equal reward in trade)

As arrow crafting currently is, I'm sticking to wood arrows.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/mtjydv/wood_arrows_for_the_win/

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