There's so many bugs and hiccups we complain about in Tarkov. Steam Audio, Movement, Hackers, no "drop" sound, etc. etc.

Battlefield 2042, Vanguard, etc. just released and they have received some of the worst reviews in history. As of 22.11.21. for example, BF2042 is the 8th most disliked game on Steam ever.

I know we like to hate on Battlestate, and often within reason. However, we really have to commend this relatively small studio on creating a game that holds up, if not shadows, many recent AAA+ games published by established developers.
EA, Ubisoft (especially FarCry 6), Activision, etc. have millions of dollars, top game engineers/designers, expensive server architectures and other incredible resources at their disposal.
Maybe take a step back and appreciate what Battlestate is able to do within it's limits to bring us this broken as (and amazing) game most of us love 🙂

That's all I wanted to say 🙂 Have fun getting Tarkov'd friends

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/qzxawa/worst_game_ever/

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