Would a Gameleap/BSJ like YT channel but more focused on lower brackets be interesting for you?

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Hello guys. I really love BSJ and Gameleap youtube channels, as they provide very valuable information on how to be overall better at the game. Even though there are some videos on lower brackets, the majority of the videos are more focused on games with levels that are way beyond most players can experience.

So I was thinking in creating a channel more focused on Archon – Ancient brackets. I'm a Divine player myself and I think I could push my rank further, but I prioritize playing with my friends (who are also on this bracket range). There are several recurrent "bad decisions" that players in this bracket seems to do over and over again, and I think the main reason that the channels I've mentioned do not cover them as much is because usually higher ranked players do not commit such mistakes.

Anyways, let me know your thoughts!

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