Yagluth fail. Giving up – I can’t be the ONLY one, surely?! Long tale.

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This isn't really a discussion or a question. Not really looking for advice. Just wanted to share my nightmare! More a rant to ease my troubled mind than anything! Ignore and move on, if you wish. 8 )

NOTE: Someone recently posted that they beat Yagluth and that it took them around an hour. There then followed the typical bragging b**ocks by a few saying that they beat him in under a minute AFK. You know the types. If you are one of those – go away NOW. If you wish to silently gloat, fine, but FGS keep it to yourself. Go and wave your willy at someone else or I'll take my black metal axe to it. No problem* AT ALL with ppl who are good at combat and Bosses and can do it really well and quickly, BTW – that's not what I mean. I think that you're great and I really envy you!

OK, so I prepared v. well for my fight with Yagluth.

  • My padded armour was upgraded to the max., as was my black metal shield (for what good that is in this particular fight!) and my Frostner
  • I spent 3 days hunting the oceans day & night in all weathers to get serpent meat for the stew; I killed loads of Lox and milled tons of barley to bake cartloads of Lox pies. I spent several nights in the Swamp killing leeches for bloodbags & picking thistles (there and in the black forest) to make blood pudding. So I had plenty of the best food
  • I brewed all the medium meads – health, tasty, stamina, fire resistance, far more than I would need (or so I thought)
  • I crafted ~250 frost arrows, primarily intended as a backup. I hate long fights and knew that the Boss was going to take far more damage from the Frostner
  • I built a nearby portal which contained a chest with a spare set of armour (full iron/wolf set) + spare meads, foods & weapons
  • I spent the previous days clearing out the area of all mobs, including a Fuling camp which was a fair distance away – just in case. All the regular spawners were wiped out. The only ones left were a couple of Lox, as they seemed to respawn in different areas, no matter what I did. But they were far enough away not to be a bother – I thought.
  • I watched a few YT vids, which seemed to suggest that the fight was tough, but easier than Bonemass

I think that I did far more than most to prepare for this, no?! I did so (as I do for all Boss fights) because I'm rubbish at combat and I hate Boss fights – I rush & panic and hit all the wrong keys! Usually, luck, stealth, care and preparedness make up for my lack of technique and ability in combat, and – despite my shortcomings in battle – I eventually overcome the challenges and win through. Not this time…

Long story, but it must have taken me at least 2 hours to totally fail. Bonemass? Absolute cakewalk in comparison. I died about ten times – seriously. My skill levels are now probably lower than when I started the game! It took me a long time, but after lots of attempts over a couple of in-game days and nights, I eventually had him down to about a 1/4 health (after he'd re-genned a lot, several times). But I ran out of frost arrows (some others were in a grave somewhere!). I used some poison arrows (cos that's all I had), which did nothing, OFC, so ran in with my Frostner and died – again. I went 'home' and slept the night – and the bugger has fully re-genned again. Much of the problem was night-time fighting and the spawning that goes with it. I really wish I had some video of this, but at one point, I had 4 Fulings after me (inc starred spear-chuckers), 2 Deathsquitos and a Lox + the Boss. Not funny!

You should see the summoning point and altar – looks like WW3. My fenced portal was wasted, along with it's chest full of black metal. You shouldn't have kited him to it, you say? I know, I know, but it got me out – it was coming back that was the problem! I went back via my Swamp portal and created another one in a relatively safe spot. I think that I've now recovered all my graves. I've taken out so many night mobs, the Plain is littered with needles, cash and Black Metal.

Yagluth just hardly ever seemed to take a break from his attacks. Fire breath was almost always followed by meteor attacks immediately after – with the altar stones offering minimal protection -only distance seemed to help. OFC, once I'd gained some distance, I had to get back up close to melee, which took too much time & stamina – and then he'd do his AoE attack. I got fed up with not having any opportunities and a couple of times, just stood there hammering him while taking the damage – which actually worked pretty well a couple of times! LOL.

I gave up and went back to the meadows to chop down a few dozen trees I'd previously planted as a start to prepare more arrows. But now, if I want to continue this fight, I have to go back to the Mountains to get more freeze glands and obsidian; back to the Swamp and Black Forest for bloodbags and thistles; hunt down a load of birds for feathers; get all the mead components. All just to try to beat this Boss with arrows – which will probably take me into the night and I'll have the same problem as before. I'd really like to just forget this part of the game – but you probably can't. To advance to the Mistlands, you'll likely need the protection that Yag's Forsaken Power gives you.

Really tempted just to open the console commands and cheat my way through this one.

So why have I never seen accounts of anyone failing to beat a boss. Are ppl embarrassed?! Or do they just give up? TBH, that's how I feel, RN. So if someone asks a question, forgive me if I don't reply. I think that I need a little break from the game…

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/pfqet3/yagluth_fail_giving_up_i_cant_be_the_only_one/

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