Your patch-ly Wiki post

Hey there !

A new patch is coming out so the Wiki editors are climbing out of their mines to bring you a small message/reminder. As you may know, the wiki is the product of everyone's work. It's a community-driven website, meaning anyone can (and should) edit it. We have a small team of dedicated people, but you don't need to be part of it to contribute ! We spend a lot of time making sure the wiki is up to date, but sadly real life gets in the way sometimes.

Since we have little free time, this also means that we spend it working on the wiki, and not playing the game. This means we will not be able to discover all the new stuff that you guys will run into. Joining the Discord and letting us know about new items and sending pictures is a super big help and we'd love it if you could do that.

But if you notice that something is missing, feel free to add it yourself ! It is super easy and you won't make a mistake. We monitor all edits and make sure they are correct and formatted correctly. Contributions are really important and they save us a lot of time. Please don't believe that you're actually annoying us. You do not need to create an account to edit (even though it makes it easier for you and us to communicate), and you can ask us questions on our wiki profiles (for example, mine is here. If you have Discord, you can join us here and talk with us at anytime ! You can edit a few articles, and, if you like it, join us and talk with us to see if you want to become an editor !

For the first few days after the patch, you’re going to see missing pictures on the wiki. If there are new quests, there won't be guides for them. We also need you guys to find those items and take those pictures !

We hope you enjoy the patch and don't get too hooked up on Sanitar's juju. Have fun !

— The Wiki Team


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