20 Kill and 4k Damage Badge don’t mean @$*#

I don't have either and have destroyed plenty with it. Some people are do intimidated when they see them as champions. Don't be, they're some of they're predictable players. R99 and Wingman users. Learn the cons of those weapons and you will dominate them. Also learn how to deal with Wraith and Pathfinder's.

One thing I've noticed people with these badges are good with? Running away when they're about to get clapped. That's one of the reasons the vast majority of them use Wraith and Pathfinder, cause if shit goes wrong they can bitch out fast with their abilities.

Now I'm not saying having these badges mean they don't have skills, I'm saying it doesn't mean they're a thing to be intimidated about. Honestly a lot of the times people with those badges get it from farming damage with snipers, or having their team boost them. Boosting as in getting enemies low themselves or close to low and letting their buddy get the kill. Seen streamers do it plenty of times.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/dmok1g/20_kill_and_4k_damage_badge_dont_mean/

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