A review and recommendation on improving S3’s trouble spots imo.

So first off, I am loving the map design and appearance. I don't mind the more sparse looting areas.

The drop meta currently forces you to either hot drop or drop and run from the ring for your life. If you pick the latter you're very likely to be squeezed between the ring and an opposing squad that dropped a little more central. Now yes there is that butter zone for landing that I do myself and I like it, but others will catch on and the previous two problems will reassert themselves.

Decrease (Yes decrease) the radius of the first couple rings but add one more ring that is of greater radius than the first ring.

Now we do have a smaller map footprint but the loot is so spaced out, looting time for teams has been increases. This makes it so if any fight happens you are likely to be running for a long time with the ring right on your heels and vulnerable to a waiting or slower team mid way to the first ring.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/deb82b/a_review_and_recommendation_on_improving_s3s/

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