About Muzzle Flash And The Thermal Sights (Long Post)

So, to begin I gotta give a little background about myself.

I have a problem in my eyes that causes my own body to identify some non used cells in my eyes (which every person has) as an invader (be it virus, bacteria or whatever), so it tries to destroy it, but the reaction was so intensive that it destroyed some of the useful cells in my eyes as well and deformed my cornea, forcing me to use contact lenses and even then my vision will get at most to 80% of what it should be (on a good day).

But even with all that, I can still play the games I want, but don't ask me to see something in the distance, I'm simply unable to, so we come to Apex Legends, I'd say my favorite game for the past 6 months or so.

Though I love this game, the Muzzle Flash is just a tad insane, I had to develop my whole playstyle around using ADS as little as possible, so I don't lose track of my target and when I have to use it, my default sights is the 2x (not the variable one, the square one), helps a bit, but far from perfect.

And yes I heard about the Golden Barrel Stabilizer reducing the muzzle flash, but lets be honest here, how consistently can you get one as an average player? Once every 15-20 matches?

But then there's the thermal sights for SMGs, Shotguns and Pistols, whenever I can get a hold on one of those, my overall performance in the game increases a lot (my favorite weapons being the Prowler and P2020 with Hammerpoint), because I have the visual queue of where my target is, even through the muzzle flash.

Most of the wins I have on the game happened whenever I could get an SMG (usually the Prowler), fully equipped and with the thermal sights.

So, I'd like to start a discussion on ways to make this aspect of the game a little better, not only for me, but for basically everyone (or so I hope).

The main thing I've been thinking about is making the muzzle flash be diminished by the other barrels as well, but in a similar way as recoil is, the higher the level, the lower the flash gets.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/d3wxi3/about_muzzle_flash_and_the_thermal_sights_long/

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