All gameplay and troll post aside…

Apex legends lore is growing and its pretty exciting, I've loved the TF universe since i first dropped my atlas in tf1 and the story is growing right in front on us.

1) Wraith is from typhon which is the main research facility that dealt with the void and its properties, which came from an "ancient civilization" that may or may not still exist.

2) General Marder head of the Ares division over saw said program meaning he and his goons may still be around. Even though the frontier wars are "over" the IMC still maintains a heavy presence in the core worlds as shown in both wraith and Cryptos teaser.

I think its pretty dope the direction that the game is going, and I hope that we see or at least hear of the return of the characters that helped to build the franchise and find out who the "they" are that are trying to rig the apex games. I know the community mostly exist from gameplay clips, but I hope that everyone can get invested in the lore that is being created to make for a much richer and more interesting universe. I just hope that respawn keeps up the good work as they keep baby feeding us teasers until the release of szn 3.

tl;dr Apex lore is getting wild lol


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