Although the new update looks fantastic, don’t get too attached to your fav. skin

Just thought I'd put this out there before everyone gets hyped. The upcoming content is classed as a "collection e v e n t" like the Iron Crown one (and the in-game layout is exactly the same too). This means it will have the same, or at least a similarly egregious pricing method. If you really want all (or even a few) of the skins, you're going to have to shell out either a ridiculous amount of money to get the skin you want when it appears in the store (you'll have to buy 2000 Apex Coins first) or you can hope for the best after buying a loot box (remember, they were 700 apex coins each during Iron Crown).

Of course, during Iron Crown, we also received 2 50/50 purple/gold ticks after completing 2 challenges (both of mine were purple) and I imagine this upcoming one will do the same. Perhaps if we're lucky, they'll be generous enough after last community backlash to give us 3? It actually looks more like we're getting 0 this time (read edit2 below)

That1miningguy came out recently as well and said that it is very unlikely we'll get the 14 free boxes for logging in every day as previously thought. Could you honestly imagine EA allowing us to each get 14 free boxes?

That being said, it looks and sounds like a lot of fun from what I've seen so far and I'm looking forward to it. I just won't be supporting it with my wallet – Same as Iron Crown.

I thought I'd throw this out there as a lot of people are getting excited for these new skins but many seem to forget how they're going to implement these skins into the game.

Edit: All of the videos showing the Halloween event skins in-game have been taken down or deleted. The Gaming Merchant had one and so did a few others – all gone or turned to private.

People were changing dates in their Origin and accessing the Halloween Event menus as if they had the update activated. The videos of this are now mostly gone on YouTube.

EDIT 2: After seeing the official event Reddit post, it looks like we won't be getting ANY free boxes this time. This only shows they simply do not care and have deliberately ignored last event's outrage, which let's remember, went VIRAL across all sorts of gaming media – IGN and Gamespot were even posting videos and articles about how anti-consumer it was. It's all about the bottom line to these guys and only that.


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