Another angle on SBMM

TLDR – SBMM is ruining the game for people on the winning side of it, and it is encouraging a stale meta

So at first, when SBMM came out, I was getting absolutely destroyed, which made me almost quit the game. As of the past update, I’m now getting kill leader constantly and winning about one out of every five games I play. I really feel like this shouldn’t be happening as I’m playing bloodhound and I’m definitely not a god at the game (plat 3) so all I have to say is even for the people that are on the winning side of SBMM, it still isn’t fun.

I feel like a battle royale game should encompass the feeling of people from all different backgrounds, absolute gods and complete noobs, trying to fight for first place. I think getting good at the game just to get placed with people that play the exact same as you, not changing up your play style based on how good you think you are against the average player hurts the experience, which leads me to my next, more niche point.

Ever since I started playing the game, I’ve found myself attracted to the play style of bloodhound, constantly being able to hunt people down and take fights you think you can win (even if you’re in a disadvantageous spot) has been fun. I feel like characters like bloodhound and mirage are becoming a lot worse due to their ability to chase and confuse people, since those people, with SBMM, will be just as good as you. This encourages a meta of camping, which I really don’t see being good for a game that has a ton of really cool movement mechanics and systems. That’s all I have to say respawn, please fix SBMM and please bring back the feeling of the original game.

Thanks for reading,
Some random bloodhound main


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